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Our AWS services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Unlock the potential of AWS with Mayfair IT Consultancy

We help companies capitalise on the innovation and possibilities of AWS cloud. Our experts can migrate systems to AWS, build cloud-native solutions, optimise spending and architecture for peak ROI.

Descover the benefits of AWS:


  • Enhanced agility: AWS enables rapid innovation with instant access to a broad range of cloud services for storage, analytics, security and more.


  • Improved resilience: leverage AWS global infrastructure and data centers to bolster disaster recovery and business continuity.


  • Increased efficiency: Automate manual processes while leveraging AWS managed services to reduce operational overhead.


  • Actionable insights: Construct advanced data analytics environments on AWS leveraging services like Redshift and QuickSight.


  • Enterprise grade: Security Meet rigorous compliance needs with AWS’s industry-leading security and access controls.

Whether you’re looking to lift-and-shift legacy systems, build cloud-native apps, or drive innovation through data, Mayfair IT has the expertise to guide your AWS journey. Our certified consultants follow cloud-smart methodologies to deliver solutions tailored to your unique business needs. 


Transform what’s possible with the agility, innovation and scale of AWS. 

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